Personal Information and Awards:

Selesnick: born London, England, 1964. Kahn: born New York City, 1964.
BFAs from Washington University in St. Louis, Mo. 1986
1987 New Jersey State Council for the Arts Grant.
1994 Fine Arts Work Center Fellowship, Provincetown, Ma.
1995 Provincetown Arts Council Grant
2000 Artists in Residence, Addison Gallery of American Art, Andover, Ma.
2001 Djerassi Foundation Residency, Woodside, Ca.
2002 Artists in Residence, Princeton Atelier, Princeton University, NJ
2003 New York Book Show, best photography book of 2002 for “Scotlandfuturebog”
2005 Artist in Residence Grant, NASA.
2007 Green Leaf Award: United Nations Environmental Program, for  Best Painting at the  Global Warming Show , Nobel Peace Center, Oslo, Norway
2008 AICA award for best exhibition in Boston area: “Eisbergfreistadt” at Pepper Gallery

One-man Exhibitions:

John Michael Kohler Arts Center, “Worlds Discovered” Sheboygan Wisconsin, Jan-April.
Untitled (Artspace) , Oklahoma City, OK, “Apollo Prophecies & Eisbergfreistadt”, Feb-Apr
Robischon Gallery, Denver Co, “Eisbergfreistat” March- April.
Kopeikin Gallery, Los Angeles CA, “Eisbergfreistadt” Jun-July

Aeroplastics Gallery, Brussels Belgium,  10 year Retrospective. Jan – Mar,
Lisa Sette Gallery, Scottsdale AZ, “Eisbergfreidstadt”, April
Yancey Richardson Gallery, New York, NY, “Eisbergfreidstadt”, May-June
Hiestand Gallery of Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, Sept-Oct
Carl Hammer Gallery, Chicago, Il,” Eisbergfreidstadt”, Oct - Dec

Pepper Gallery, Boston, “Eisbergfreistadt” May-June.
Irvine Contemporary, Washington DC, “Eisbergfreistadt” Oct- Nov.

Dowd Fine Arts Center, SUNY Cortland, “The Art of Kahn and Selesnick” Jan - Mar
Robischon Gallery, Denver CO, “10 Years of  Panoramas and Artifacts, a Kahn /Selesnick retrospective, April-May.

Lisa Sette Gallery  Scottsdale, Ar “The Apollo Prophecies” Nov-Dec
Carl Hammer Gallery  Chicago “The Apollo Prophecies” Nov-Dec
Martin Irvine Contemporary Art  Washington DC “The Apollo Prophecies” Oct.
Berta Walker Gallery  Provincetown, “Nomadischespuppetheater” Ma. Aug-Sept
Paul Kopeikan Gallery  Los Angeles “The Apollo Prophecies” Jan-Feb

Yancey Richardson Gallery, New York “The Apollo Prophecies” Oct-Dec
DNA Gallery Provincetown, Ma. “The Apollo Prophecies” August
Pepper Gallery Boston, Ma. “Apollo: a prophecy” April-May

Focus Gallery  London, U.K. “City of Salt” Oct-Nov
DNA Gallery Provincetown, Ma. “Large Images” August
Yancey Richardson Gallery New York. “City of Salt” May-July

Carl Hammer Gallery Chicago. “City of Salt” Oct-Nov
Yancey Richardson Gallery New York. “Scotlandfuturebog” Sept-Oct
Paul Kopeikan Gallery Los Angeles. “City of Salt” Sept-Oct
DNA Gallery Provincetown, Ma. Aug-Sept
Pepper Gallery Boston, Ma. “City of Salt” March-April
Lisa Sette Gallery Scottsdale, Arizona. “City of Salt” Jan-Feb

DNA Gallery Provincetown, Ma. “City of Salt” July-August
Carrie Haddad Gallery Hudson, NY. “Scotlandfuturebog” Jan-Feb.

Palo Alto Arts Center Palo Alto, Ca. “The REC, Past-Future” Sept-Dec.
DNA Gallery Provincetown, Ma. “Schottensumpfkunftig”  July.
Lisa Sette Gallery Scottsdale, Arizona. “Past and Future” March-April  
David Beitzel Gallery New York. “Transmissions from the Schottensumpfkumpftig (Scotlandfuturebog)” February-March

Pepper Gallery Boston, Ma. “Schottensumpfkunftig” Dec. - Jan. 2000
Paul Kopeikin Gallery Los Angeles. “The Circular River: the Siberian Expeditions of 1944-46” Oct. - Nov.
Monique Knowlton New York.  “The Circular River”  October - January     

Eli Marsh Gallery Amherst College, Amherst, Ma. “The Circular River” Oct.
Bachelier Cardonsky Gallery Kent, Ct. Sept-Oct.
Carrie Haddad Gallery Hudson, NY.  June-July
Pepper Gallery Boston, Ma.  “The Circular River” April-June  

Monique Knowlton New York.  “The Pavillion of the Greenman”  Oct-Nov.
East End Gallery Provincetown, Ma. “The Burren Expedition”  August.
Monique Knowlton New York. “The Journals of Peter Hesselbach”  March-April
Gallery Camino Real Boca Raton, Fl.  “Tent of the Mesmer”  March-May
Pepper Gallery “The Photographic Journals of Peter Hesselbach”  Dec-Jan
Bachelier Cardonsky Gallery Kent, Ct.  “Tent of the Mesmer”  Sept-Oct.
East End Gallery “The Golden Age of Devonshire Semaphore: Royal Excavation Corps Signal Flag Manouevres 1934-36”  September.
Monique Knowlton “The Roodloft of the Drunken Beekeeper”  April-May.

East End Gallery “Zelt der Biscuit Mench”  July.
Hudson Walker Gallery Fine Arts Work Center, Provincetown, Ma. “Chapel dedicated to the Human Head”, an installation of a work in progress. March.
Gallery Camino Real “Collaborative Paintings”  Dec-Jan 1994-95.

Bachelier Cardonsky Gallery “The Eskimo Paintings”  Sept-Oct.
East End Gallery “The Biscuit Triptychs”  July.

Forum Gallery New York.  “Bog Pastries and Bread Heads from the Archives of the Royal Excavation Corps” September.
East End Gallery “Painted Heads”  July.
Diana Burke New York. “The Delusional Object: Banners and Artefacts from the Royal Excavation Corps”  March-April.

East End Gallery “Flagman Artefacts”  August.

East End Gallery July.
Owen Patrick Gallery Philadelphia. March-April.
Klein Art Gallery Woodstock, NY.

The Bergen County Museum of Arts and Sciences Paramus, NJ.  “A Pictish Bedchamber of the 9th Century”  August  1989.
The New End Gallery London, England. August 1988.
The Royal Photographic Society Bath, England.  June-July 1988.

Selected Group Exhibitions:

Wallraf-Richartz Museum, Cologne, Germany “The Moon” Mar-Jul
Palais des Beaux-Arts de Lille, France, “Miroirs d'Orients" may-aug

Sheppard  Fine Arts Gallery, University of Nevada,  Reno Nevada, “ Eco-Sophia”  sept-nov
Ministry of Culture, Monaco, “Melting Ice, Hot Topic” Feb – Mar
Field Museum, Chicago, IL, “Melting Ice, Hot Topic” April – Sept

Nobel Peace Center, Oslo, Norway, “Melting Ice, Hot Topic” June- Sept.
Aeroplastics Gallery, Brussels Belgium, Rare Essense , Sept- Oct
Bozar Museum, Brussels, Belgium, “Melting Ice, Hot Topic” Oct- Dec.
Smithonian Institution, Art from NASA’s Collection. Dec-

Carrie Haddad Gallery,Hudson NY “The Twilight Zone” March
Hudson Walker Gallery, Fine Arts Work Center, Provincetown, Ma, Fellows 1994-95. May

Kohler Arts Center Sheboygan, Wi. “Dreamscapes”
Woodstock Center for Photography  Woodstock, NY. “Triennial”
Lehman College Art Gallery New York City. “The City: Contemporary Views of the Built Enviroment”     

Arnot Museum of Art Elmira, NY. “Re-presenting Representation VI” April-August.
Museum of Photographic Arts San Diego, Ca. “First Photographs: Henry Fox Talbot and the Birth of Photography” March-June

Triple Candie New York. “Rumors of War: A Contemporary Exhibition Inspired by the Art of Jacob Lawrence” curated by Franklin Sirmans. Dec 01-Jan 02
Brooklyn Museum of Art Brooklyn, NY. “Digital: Printmaking Now” June-Sept.
Cape Cod Museum of Art Dennis, Ma. “Small Works by Fellows of the Fine Arts Work Center 1985-2000” July-Sept
Delaware Center for the Contemporary Arts Wilmington, DE. “Photo-Synthesis: Recent Developments in Contemporary Photography” April-July
Carl Hammer Gallery Chicago, IL. “Of Dreams and Dreamers: Art as a Vehicle of Escape.” Sept-Oct
Gallery Camino Real Boca Raton, Fl. “Photo-Synthesis: Recent Developments in Contemporary Photography”  Jan-Feb
David Winton Bell Gallery Brown University, Providence, R.I. “False Witness: Joan Fontcuberta Sputnik and Kahn/Selesnick Scotlandfuturebog, with a lecture by David Wilson, director of the Museum of Jurassic Technology” Jan-March

The Art Museum Florida International University, Miami.  “American Art  Today: Fantasies & Curiousities”  Sept-Nov

Addison Gallery of American Art Phillips Academy, Andover, Ma. “Referencing the Past: Six Contemporary Artists: Kahn/Selesnick, John O’Reilly, George Condo, David McGee, and Laurie Hogan”  Sept-Jan 2000.
Camera Works San Francisco, Ca. “Rattling the Frame, 1974-1999”  Oct-Nov.  
Photographic Resource Center Boston University. “Dramatis Personae: A look at role-playing and narrative in contemporary photography”  Feb-March 1999.

National Portrait Gallery Smithsonian Institution, Washington DC  “Faces of Time: 75 years of Time Magazine Cover Portraits”  March-August.
Addison Gallery of American Art Andover, Ma. “Expanded Visions: the Panoramic Photograph”  Jan-April.
The Brush Art Gallery Lowell, Ma.  “SELF-AMUSED: The Contemporary Artist as  Observer and Observed”  Feb-March.

DeCordova Museum and Sculpture Park Lincoln, Ma. “10 Artists/10 Visions”
Carrie Haddad Gallery Hudson, NY.  “Provincetown in Hudson”  Jan-Feb.

Koplin Gallery Los Angeles.  December.
Monique Knowlton “Inaugural Group Show”  Sept-Oct.
Drerup Gallery Plymouth State College, Plymouth, NH.  “1994-95 Visual Arts Fellows from the Fine Arts Work Center”  Nov-Jan 1994-95.

Boston Center for the Arts Boston.  “Fantasically Real”  April-May.
Pepper Gallery Boston.  “Spirits Unveiled”  Sept-Oct.
Robert Brown Gallery Washington DC.  “Giacometti and Others”   Dec-Jan 1994

Tribeca Gallery New York. “Bergen Museum in New York”  December.

Maxwell Davidson Gallery New York. “Sculpture: Colour and Motion”  Oct.
Spazi Fine Arts Housatonic, Ma.  October.

Commune de Sirmione Lake Garda, Italy.  Outdoor Installation.  August.
Provincetown Art Association and Museum Provincetown, Ma.  “Four Young Artists Here and New”  May-June.
The Designer’s Guild London, England.
Susan Cummins Gallery Mill Valley, Ca.  “The History of the Bird”  Dec-Jan.

The Bergen County Museum of Arts and Sciences Paramus, NJ. “The Six” - a show of Bergen County’s top six fellowship winners, curated by Barbara Haskell, chief curator of the Whitney Museum of Art. 1988.
Detail New York.  1987-89.
Civilisation New York.  1985-87.
The Red Studio New York.  “Time”  December 1984.


Natural World Museum, Art in Action: Nature, Creativity & our Creative Future,. hardcover book 2007 contributing artist.
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Public and Private Collections:

DeCordova Museum and Sculpture Park
Los Angeles County Museum of Art
Boston Public Library
Brooklyn Museum of Art
Houston Museum of Fine Arts
Addison Gallery of American Art, Andover, Ma.
Philadelphia Museum of Art
Fogg Museum of Art, Boston
National Portrait Gallery, Washington DC
Bergen County Museum of Arts and Sciences, Paramus NJ
Cape Cod Museum of Art
Washington Convention Center
Miller, Anderson, and Sherrard Corporate HQ, Philadelphia
International Finance Corporation
Wellington Management Corporation
Fidelity Corporation
World Bank Corporation
Estee Lauder Corporation
Microsoft Corporation
Time Magazine
Aperture Magazine
The Prudential Corporation
Dow Jones Corporation
LaSalle Mortage Corporation
Buhl Collection
Jaques Kaplan
Anne Cox Chambers
Micheal Stipe
Gillian Anderson
Omar Vizquel
Dale Chihuly

Art and Landscape in Charleston and the Low Country by John Beardsley
Spacemaker Press, Washington, DC & Cambridge, MA 1998
Hot Spots - America’s Volcanic Landscape Bulfinch Press, Little Brown & Co, Boston, MA 1996
Travels in the American West / Photographers at Work Smithsonian Institution Press, Washington DC 1992
Charmed Places - Hudson River Artists and Their Homes Sandra Phillips / Harry N. Abrams, New York, NY 1988

Selected Publications
The Altered Landscape by Patricia Nelson Limerick, Dave Hickey, & Thomas W. Southall
Nevada Museum of Art, 1999
DoubleTake / Fall 1996 "Hot Spots"
Crossing the Frontier: Photographs of the Developing West by Sandra Phillips
San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, 1996
Tradition and the Unpredictable by Ann W. Tucker, Charles Traub, Vince Aletti
Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, 1994
Between Home and Heaven by Merry A Forresta
National Museum, Smithsonian Institute, Washington, DC 1992
Aperature "Beyond Wilderness" / "Out of the Garden" 1990
Money Matters: A Critical Look at Bank Architecture by Anne Tucker & Brendan Gill
McGraw-Hill, New York, NY 1990
American Independents by Sally Eauclaire
Abbeville Press, New York, NY
True Stories by David Byrne
Viking Penguin, New York, NY 1986
New Color – New Work by Sally Eauclaire
Abbeville Press, New York, NY 1984
Aperture "Natural Formalism" 1984
The New Color Photography by Sally Eauclaire
Abbeville Press, New York, NY 1981

  • 8.18.12
    image Kahn & Selesnick

    i09: We Come From The Future

  • 8.15.12
    image Kahn & Selesnick

    Wired Raw Mars inspired art

  • 7.05.12
    image Nicholas Kahn & Richard Selesnick
  • 2.04.12
    image Nicholas Kahn & Richard Selesnick



  • 1.27.09
    image Kahn & Selesnick: Worlds Discovered

    Kahn & Selesnick: Worlds Discovered
    January 25 – April 26, 2009

    Artists Nicholas Kahn & Richard Selesnick (NY) take viewers on two marvelous journeys through their panoramic photography.  First, a 60-foot panorama depicts astronauts on their long voyage to the moon and back. This image, shot and assembled with multiple sets, live actors, and hand-built models allows viewers to walk along and travel with the characters in their celestial adventure.

    The second journey is to Eisbergfreistadt, a fictional town forced to build on an iceberg.  Based on the true events of a massive iceberg that ran aground on the Baltic seaport of Lubek in 1923, the images and artifacts from Eisbergfreistadt tell the story of life in this frigid settlement and how the people there managed to survive and even thrive despite the daily terror of impending environmental forces.

  • 3.01.08
    Peat Salt and Moodust: Panoramic Fictions

    Peat Salt and Moodust: Panoramic Fictions website launched

  • 11.13.07
    image Strange prophesies of the future past

    Strange prophesies of the future past:
    Coming to a country near you.
    (An Exhibit by Nicholas Kahn and Richard Selesnick)

  • 8.23.06
    image Hammer Artist Talk

    Nicholas Kahn and Richard Selesnick will be giving an artist talk at the Hammer Museum, October 18, 2006 at 7pm. For information and directions, please visit the Hammer Museum website.

  • image Apollo Prophecies

    Die-cut slipcase
    duotone panorama
    58 Pages
    7.625" X 10"
    ISBN: 978-1-59711-020-4

    The Apollo Prophecies depicts, in one extrava­gantly long duotone panorama, an imagined expedition of 1960s American astronauts. Landing on the moon, they discover a lost mission of Edwardian-era astronauts who greet them as long-awaited gods. By present­ing wildly inventive staged photographs as evidence of events that never happened, the Apollo Prophecies playfully questions the con­cept of historical truth. Part Jules Verne, part Stanley Kubrick, the panoramic moonscape literally unfolds in multiple episodes that intermingle artifacts from the fearless era of early-20th-century exploration with space age gadgetry.

    The book is for sale on the Aperture Foundation website.

  • image Kahn & Selesnick Playing Cards

    Eisbergfreistadt souvenir playing cards, originally created for the Iceberg Ball of 1923. Eisbergfreistadt was a temporary city state founded upon a vast arched iceberg that arrived in the Baltic Sea off of Lubeck, Germany during the time of The Great Inflation. These reproductions of an original English/German language deck feature the four suits: birds, chimneys, icebergs, and weeds, and follow the German abbreviations for the face cards. They are printed in good, German playing card stock, are excellent for playing Poker, Solitaire, or for building a house of cards.

    The entire deck placed end to end forms one continuous panorama, while the two jokers tell the warning tale of man's folly and natures revenge.


    $30.00 plus $5.00 shipping and handling within the contenetntal US only.
    The international shipping rate is $20.00.

  • image City of Salt

    City of Salt is the second volume—following Scotlandfuturebog (Aperture, 2002)—in an extraordinary trilogy by Nicholas Kahn and Richard Selesnick. The pair have been collaborating for over a decade to create evocative, multilayered fictions. They start by conceiving an alternative reality, then construct finely detailed three-dimensional miniatures and dioramas to give it physical form. Using digital photography, they then position elaborately costumed actors within this imaginary world.

    Please follow the following link to purchase this volume: